3C Event Coverage Tech Specs

3C Media Solutions streams LIVE events in standard definition video using Flash H.264 video encoder. The video aspect ratio is 4:3 with a video resolution of either 320 x 240 or 640 x 480. The video bit rate for the LIVE stream can vary depending on the capability of your intended viewers and the technical capabilities of the event location. We can discuss with you the bit rate and other available video resolution combinations for your event.

Your viewers will need to have installed on their computers the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. A free version of the player is available from Adobe. Adobe provides a list of certified devices and OS combinations for running Flash Player. We will provide you with a link to system requirements and where viewers can download the player.

3C Media Solutions can provide a webpage and link for your viewers to watch the webcast, or if you have your own web master and support we can provide you with code to embed video player onto your own website. The viewers’ web page can have a combination of custom options, such as, your own logo, register to login, chat, question & answer, e-mail, twitter and other social media.