Stories from CCC Connected Educators How Social Media Has Improved My Teaching & Sense of Community

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In honor of Connected Educator month, Jennifer Garner and Mark Lawler, two part-time California community college instructors who teach at multiple institutions, will share their stories with Michelle Pacansky-Brock, The Center's Community Coordinator, about how participating in social media has improved their instructional approaches and sense of community. What can we all learn from their experiences to improve the future success of our students and our own personal fulfillment?

Peer learning groups have always been an important part of educational effectiveness in general, as well as the personal development and growth of an educator. Today, members of the educational community are realizing that their own learning does not stop at the end of a physical campus. By connecting with individuals with like interests on Twitter, Google+, the blogosphere, and other social networks educators may personalize their own learning pathways and create a sense of community, which can be especially transformative for those who may be employed at multiple institutions.