Arts and Lectures -Propaganda and the Current State of Global Fascism - Marco Giordano 12/6/21

Author(s): Media Services, SRJC
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Presenter: Marco Giordano, English Faculty

This presentation results from my stated sabbatical goals--to produce a Kairos (present moment) based analysis of Fascism, an academically sanctioned and favored practice in the treatment of the propaganda it requires. It also attempts to address the point at which my letter to the faculty, some years ago now, to continue with the analysis of interior fascism, i.e the production of the kind of human being which en masse are, in fact, interior fascist and servants of the Fascist state. This is perhaps the richest moment in history for such an examination, the culmination of the famous stated goal by then director of the CIA, William Casey, who said on his first day in office, "When nothing the American people believe is true, we'll know our disinformation campaign has succeeded."


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