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The Crash of Helios 522 is one of the most mysterious ever investigated. Shortly after takeoff from Cyprus, the flight crew reports that two separate alarms are sounding in the cockpit. Then, the plane goes silent. The crew doesn’t respond to air traffic control as it gets closer and closer to Athens. Two fighter jets from the Greek Air Force intercept the aircraft. Is it a hi-jacking? The fighter pilots see someone in the cockpit – but get no response to repeated radio calls. Then, after more than two hours in the air, Helios 522 runs out of fuel and crashes in the mountains. All 121 people on board are killed. Investigators are stumped, they don’t know what happened to the captain or the co-pilot. And they don’t know who was flying the plane.

Sixteen months after the worst crash in Greek aviation history, a report is released which points to a series of small mistakes and misunderstandings – not to mention the airline’s questionable safety record – that caused the crash.

Can you unravel the mystery crash of flight 522?

From Season 4 Episode 10 “Ghost Plane”: Helios Airways, August 14, 2005, a plane mysteriously circles the Athens airport. It doesn’t answer air traffic controllers. The captain and co-pilot are missing but someone else is in the cockpit. Can investigators unravel the puzzle of flight 522?

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