PDA 8-13-21 Reflecting History: The Legacy of Data Narratives

Author(s): Media Services, SRJC
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SRJC Fall PDA Plenary Lecture on August 13, 2021
Reflecting History: The Legacy of Data Narratives by Dr. Jeremy Smotherman

"Santa Rosa Junior College has an established reputation for being an institution based on a legacy of excellence. With the challenges and opportunities that we currently face as an institution, we will be evolving and re-imagining who we have been to what we will become in the next century of our existence. The Fall 2021 plenary presentation will include a review of SRJC data related to students, employees, and our community – past and present. Discover how data narratives play an essential role in storytelling. Explore the difference between reflecting on our past history versus establishing a new history. We will begin to imagine how we can achieve solidarity with our values in setting institutional goals and how implementing a strategic plan helps us establish a new history for SRJC. Dr. Jeremy Smotherman, Senior Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning is the presenter on this intriguing topic."


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