Week #09 - The Last Two Weeks on Stocks -- Chapters 17 & 7 - Chapter 8 & Exam #3 Next Week

Author(s): Paiano, Frank
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Dear Students, how did you do on exam #2? Well, you will get a chance to vindicate yourself if you did not do well. Why? Because we will have exam #2 all over again next week. Huh? Let me explain. This week, please study the ratio analysis from chapter 17. Also, please get started on some of the "silliness" in stock investing in chapters 7 and then next week, chapter 8. Next week, we will have exam #3 which will review much of the same material from chapter 5, Introduction to Stocks, and also review the chapter 6 dividend discount models, specifically, the Constant Perpetual Growth Model and the Discounted Cash Flow Model. It will also contain some of the ratio analysis calculations from chapter 17 and a bit of the "silly" material from chapters 7 and 8.


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