S2:6 Guided Pathways and the Decolonial Imaginary

Author(s): Media Services, SRJC
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Santa Rosa Junior College Professional Development Activities (PDA) Day February 13, 2020
S2:6 Guided Pathways and the Decolonial Imaginary
Presenter: Jurgen Kremer
The documentary film Schooling the World raises profound questions about the basic assumptions of Western Education. These questions apply to the countries to which Western education is exported as much as to the practice of education in the exporting centers, such as the California Community College system. The decolonial imaginary provides a contrast to the imaginary of modernity and can be used as a foil to respond to neoliberal visions of education as espoused in the Chancellor's Vision. The first part of this seminar will consist of a showing and discussion of excerpts of Schooling the World. The second part is discussion and outlines the decolonial imaginary and explore fundamental mission, goals, and value questions of our current crisis in education from an indigenous and decolonial perspective.


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