Derren Brown Astrology

Author(s): Objective Productions - Channel 4 BBC - "Tricks of the Mind"
Subject: Astronomy
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This is a short (8-minute) video of a program by Derren Brown, original produced and broadcast in the UK in 2006, as part of his "Tricks of the Mind" series. It features Derren presenting college students in England, America, and Spain with an "experiment" that might seem to demonstrate his psychic powers - only to reveal at the end that almost all of the students bought into an assumption that their birthdate might somehow determine their personalities. The video is a great addition to any discussion about astrology, and how we as people can be easily fooled.

While DVDs of the video are available in the UK, they are NOT available in the US format to play in the classroom. However, this particular excerpt is available in dozens of places in YouTube. Unfortunately the YouTube files are not tagged with community contributions accepted, so I could not add CCs. But 3CMedia has been able to do that, and now this video can be shown in my on-campus and online classes. Thank you!