SBCC Culinary Club teaches students to make chocolate

Subject: Miscellaneous
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Students, faculty and community members immersed themselves in chocolate bliss Saturday, March 9, at the first-ever chocolate-making class hosted by the Culinary Club.

Chef Susan Schneiderbauer, the advanced pastry arts instructor, taught the three-hour class. She demonstrated and provided assistance as students made truffles, chocolate eggs, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. A total of 12 pounds of chocolate were used throughout the class and students took home their finished sweets.

"It was a really neat learning experience as far as getting to know and work with the chocolate," said City College student Vincent Siefe. "I was kind of amazed I didn't see more students."

Students learned about different types of chocolate and the proper way to melt, cool and create chocolate candies. The class cost $30 for one session and was open to anyone interested. The students seemed nervous at first, said Schneiderbauer, "but once they got going and started to understand it, it went well."

Culinary Club President Jose Lerma proposed the class as a fun way to raise money for the club's culinary "adventures" including an end of semester trip to Napa Valley.

"We formed the culinary club so we can expand our culinary we can experience different foods, different tastes, different flavors," Lerma said.

Lerma called the class of ten a success. The participants worked functionally in the kitchen with limited space and individual guidance.

The Culinary Club hopes to offer more classes in the future and bring in other instructors who teach additional areas of culinary arts.