Hugo Schwyzer slept with Pasadena City College students, sexted Christina Parreira

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Hugo Schwyzer, the 'male feminist' who invited adult film stars James Deen and Jessica Drake to speak to students, has admitted to sleeping with students and sexting 27-year-old actress Christina Parreira.

The Pasadena City College professor was known for teaching in the gender studies realm and encouraging men to date women their own age.

Well all of this has gone down the crapper thanks to a twitter meltdown which included gems like:

I f**ked porn stars I met through my classes.
I cheated on my wife and pretended to be reformed. I wrote an article in the Atlantic condemning age-desperate relationships the same week. (sic)
I suffer from bipolar disease with psychotic features. But I do not think that truth erases the harm I have done. It puts in a context.
I'm set free by disease and digrace. It feels GOOD. (sic)

Man, it's pretty impressive how much damage you can do in 140 characters or less! The drug-fueled, twitter rant spanned over 100 tweets and lasted for almost an hour and was due to what Schwyzer claims was a "manic episode".

Schwyzer also claimed he tried to get fired but couldn't. He said he will only be teaching English medieval history from now on.


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