Week #09 - Exam #2 Finally! - Introduction to Stocks and Common Stock Valuation

Welcome to week #9, the midpoint of the semester. My apologies. With all the turmoil, we are now a week behind. Exam #2 on chapters 5 and 6 will be this week, finally! For those of you in the online class who were ready before the spring break, please accept my apology. Merging the face-to-face into the online class put us a week behind. But we are ready to forge ahead! It is time to prepare for exam #2 on Introduction to Stocks (chapter 5) and Common Stock Valuation (chapter 6). No more delays! Both parts of exam #2 will be available starting this Thursday evening at 6 pm. You will have until this Sunday night to finish both parts. They will be available in the [Quizzes] section of Canvas.

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