The Paradox of India Revisited

Author(s): Haas, Dr. John
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India is a deliciously vibrant society with an increasingly vigorous internal dynamic and an increasing influence, directly and indirectly, in the global world. India's population of approximately 1.1 billion Indians constitutes 15 percent of the planetary population. This nation has the largest functioning democracy in the world today. India is a land of a rising middle class, a country of plenty and a country of poverty. She has one foot firmly placed in the future and one mired in the past. Bollywood and the untouchables are an integral part of the landscape. India is ancient, modern, powerful, and weak. India is indeed a land of paradox.

Dr. Solomon Namala will speak on the legacy of the British in India, the legacy of Gandhi, the rising middle class, the Green Revolution, and the plight of the dalits (untouchables).