College of The Desert Public Safety Academy

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Description has a comprehensive Public Safety Academy. Located within the Coachella Valley the Palm Desert just a few miles from the Palm Springs International Airport and the community of Palm Sprigs California. The College of The Desert PUBLIC SAFETY ACADEMY has been a leader in providing public safety training since its inception in 2001 and is, for many men and women, the beginning of a rewarding career in Law Enforcement, Fire or Emergency Medical Services, and Security. Well defined academic programs leading to degrees or certificates in these related fields are offered on a regular basis, and filling an important public safety need for the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. COD's Public Safety Academy collaborates with state and local law enforcement agencies with one united goal: "To provide the best possible peace officer training". Images of CHP, Sheriff and PD's (patrol car door emblems at minimum) COD- PSA offers POST certified Module III and Module II Basic Peace Officer Training courses, which are both mentally and physically challenging; emphasizing values of Leadership, Professionalism, and Ethics. Training in the two modular courses includes Policing in the Community, First Aid/CPR, Arrest and Control Methods, Use of Force, Investigative Report Writing, Firearms, Chemical Agents and Vehicle Operations. Upon completion of Module III and II recruits are eligible for direct hire with many law enforcement agencies as Reserve Peace Officers. Students interested in becoming full time peace officers must complete the Module I course at participating training facilities. Collaboration between COD and state and local fire departments supports a progressive Fire Technology certificate and degree program at the Palm Desert Campus, and the new fully accredited Firefighter Academy at the Roy Wilson Fire Training Center; located in Thousand Palms. College of The Deserts FIRE TECHNOLOGY curriculum is the study of the organization and function of fire prevention and suppression techniques; fire behavior, combustible materials, extinguishing agents, hazardous and toxic material; fire protection techniques and systems; fire command and fire management. Career paths chosen by students pursuing a Bachelors degree in FIRE TECHNOLOGY or FIRE SERVICE commonly include: firefighter, paramedic, health and safety officer, fire inspector, and hazardous materials specialist. COD's Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is offered throughout the year under two different programs. The regular semester long tuition based credit course is offered through the normal COD enrollment process, while the accelerated fee based course is offered through COD's Partnership and Community Education Center (PACE) located at the Westfield Mall. With the certified skills to recognize and treat patients experiencing traumatic injuries and medical conditions in both field and clinical settings, becoming a certified EMT is not only a rewarding public safety career in itself, but also provides prerequisite training in related first responder professions such as firefighter and paramedic. Also, if you are interested in a position in private or public security, COD's PACE Center offers the full range of state certified Security Guard Training courses. "The start of a career in Public Safety could be just a click or call away". Are you inspired to give back to your community? Are you committed to personal excellence? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Find out today.... "Log on to the address on the screen to find out more. If you would like to take a tour or talk to the Academy Director, retired CHP Assistant Chief, Chris Madigan call 760-674-3765 or 760-568-3083. You have nothing to lose and the possibility of a lifelong career to gain."