Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness - Warning: This Video May Be Disturbing to Some Viewers

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This important video reenactment on how to be prepared for an active shooter on campus contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.

What would you do? This video provides tips on ways you can stay safe and get help in the event that an active shooter situation occurs on campus.

Keep in mind:
In most cases, those who become active shooters have given some sort of clues prior to the event. Report to Campus Police persons making threats, or who talk about using weapons to "get even" or similar actions. If you see suspicious persons with weapons on campus, call 911 or 415.485.9696.

Actions for active shooter:
• If you hear what sound like gun shots, treat them as gun shots until you know otherwise. • If you see someone with a weapon, or exhibiting dangerous behavior and you can safely do so, get out and go to a safe location.
• If you can't get away, hide and be quiet. Lock or barricade doors; turn off lights. • Give first aid to the injured. Only call 911 if it is safe for you to do so.
• Follow instructions of responding law enforcement; show your empty hands. Lay on the floor if told to do so.
• Law enforcement may go past the injured to find a shooter.