COMMST 140 • Video Lecture 13.1 • Theories of Leadership

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Video lecture accompanying Module 13 Leadership II: Theories and Styles. CONCEPTS: Great Man Theory, Thomas Carlyle, Universal Leadership Theory, Trait Theories, Ralph Stogdill, Behavioral Theories, The Ohio State Studies, consideration, initiating structure, The Michigan Studies, Rensis Likert, production centered, employee centered, Leadership Grid, Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, impoverished leadership, middle of the road leadership, authority compliant leadership, country club leadership, team leadership, the Iowa Studies, Kurt Lewin, autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire, Contingency Theories, Contingency (LPC) Theory, Fred Fielder, Least Preferred Coworker Questionnaire, favorability, Situational Leadership Theory, Paul Hershey and Ken Blanchard, telling style, selling style, participating style, delegating style, Exchange Theory, Role Theory, Transformational Leadership, four qualities of transformational leadership, Charismatic Leadership, charisma, three elements of charismatic leadership, Servant Leadership,, Robert Greenleaf