COMMST 140 • Video Lecture 11.1 • Motivation in Groups

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Video lecture to accompany Module 11 Promoting Group Input CONCEPTS: motivation, classical conditioning, Ivan Pavlov, unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned responses, conditioned stimulus, conditioned response, operant conditioning, BF Skinner, reinforcement/reward, punishment, scientific management, extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation, Frederick Herzberg, Two Factor Theory, hygiene factor, motivator, overjustification effect, Self Determination theory, autonomy, competence, relatedness, mastery, purpose, needs based theory of motivation, Abraham Maslow, hierarchy of needs, physiological needs, safety and security needs, belongingness needs, self esteem needs, self actualization, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, transcendence, ERG theory, existence, relatedness, growth, David McClelland, Acquired Needs theory, acquired need, achievement, affiliation, power, process-based theory of motivation, Equity theory, equity, inequity, social comparison, Victor Vroom, Expectancy theory, expectancy, instrumentality, valance